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Chemistry/Biophysics 5430  
Nanoscale Imaging of Chemical and Biological Systems


Chemistry 3410  
Quantum Mechanics



Educational Outreach Activities

Increasing Diversity in STEM Disciplines
The Gahlmann lab joined Tech-Girls for a microscopy workshop at St. Anne’s-Belfield School. The girls built their own microscopes and used cameras from their mobile devices to check out the specimens they collected. The digital images they captured were then used for further image processing and analysis. 


Join us at upcoming Girl's Geek Day events in 2018/2019 to experience the wonders of the microscopic world first hand!
Students are welcome to bring their own samples.

  • October 13 - Crozet
  • November 10 - Broadus Wood
  • December 8 - Meriwether Lewis
  • January 5 - Greer
  • February 9 - STAB
  • March 9 - Stone Robinson 
  • April 27 - Cale