Principal Investigator


Andreas Gahlmann  

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Department of Molecular Physiology & Biological Physics
Center for Cell and Membrane Physiology

SNSF Postdoctoral Fellow - Stanford University, Biophysical Chemistry
PhD - Caltech, Physical Chemistry
BS - Univ. of Portland, Chemistry


Postdoctoral Scholars

2015-06-05 16.44.08.jpg

Charles Richardson

PhD - Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - Shreveport
BS - Louisiana State University - Shreveport

Hartwell Postdoctoral Fellow



Jackie Corbitt

PhD - University of Washington - Seattle
BS - Brigham Young University - Provo


Graduate Students

Open Positions.  We are always looking for driven PhD students interested in a multidisciplinary research environment.  Please stop by.
If you are not yet enrolled at UVa, consider applying to graduate program in Chemistry (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) or the Biomedical Sciences (School of Medicine)


Mingxing Zhang

UVA since 2014
Graduate Student in Chemistry

BS/MS - Dalian University of Technology

Julian Rocha

UVA since 2014
Graduate Student in Chemistry

BS - George Washington University

Ting Yan

UVA since 2015
Graduate Student in Chemisty

BS - Peking University


Ji Zhang

UVA since 2016
Graduate Student in Chemisty

BS - Sichuan University

Alecia Achimovich

UVA since 2016
Graduate Student in Biophysics (Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program)

B.S. - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Gettysburg College


Undergraduate Students

We are always looking for driven undergraduate students interested in getting an early start in research.  Please follow these instructions to inquire about open positions or submit you application package through the UNLEASH program.

Arslan Aziz

UVA since 2015
Major:  Biomedical Engineering

2016 UVA Chemistry Research Scholarship Recipient

Alma Rivera_cropped.jpg

Alma Rivera

UVA since 2016
Major:  TBD

Arshiya Ansari

UVA since 2016
Major:  Biomedical Engineering



Mika Poblete

UVA since 2017
Major:  Chemistry


Visiting Scholars

Maya Hand

High School Student
St. Timothy's School - Stevenson, MD